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Andrea Parra’s Art Workshop IV, June 29, 2013


Man sees egg, paints bird. Why?

While showing slides of surrealist paintings Andrea posed questions about the images.





A city of the real and imaginary

A city of the real and imaginary

A surreal ride through Guanajuato

A surreal ride through Guanajuato

The young artists cut images from magazines, postcards from France, and brochures of Guanajuato to make surrealist collages.

Katie studies Manuel's surrealist collage

Katie views Manuel’s collage: The President of Mexico pushed into Dante’s Inferno.

Andrea’s farewell

Andrea's farewell letter

img 6415

While young artists made collages, Andrea wrote a farewell letter summing up her four workshops.

The Surprise

At the end of the workshop Kate Clancy told the young artists the surprise: an exhibition of their art.  To prepare, the children will gather Saturday July 6 for a work party to polish their works of art.  Katie will guide the finishing touches. Painter and collage maker Dylan Williams (who taught the first workshop in this series) will come by to measure for mating and framing.

Date and place of the exhibit: TBA.

Thanks again to Dylan Williams and Colectivo T.A.N. 473 for providing these workshops!

Andrea Parra’s Art Workshop III, June 22, 2013

Painting in the style of Jackson Pollock  In Andrea’s 2nd workshop she showed photos of Jackson Pollock painting.

Katie and Andrea giving tips on painting like Jackson Pollock.

Katie Clancy and Andrea Parra giving tips on painting like Jackson Pollock.

In her 3rd, she reviewed Pollock’s method,and then the young artists make a Pollock style painting.

The finished product

The finished product

Mural Painting Two of Mexico’s great muralists, Diego Rivera and José Chávez Morado, were born in the State of Guanajuato,  Rivera here in the Capital, and Chávez Morado in nearby Silao. Chávez Morado studied in the US and eventually moved to the Capital with his wife, also a painter, Olga Costa.   The Rivera family home and the home of Chávez Morado and Olga Costa are now museums.

Boys' mural

Boys’ mural

Girls' mural

Girls’ mural

A Surprise Katie Clancy gathered the young artists to tell them that next week, the last week of Adrea’s art workshops, there will be a surprise. Check my next week post, Andrea’s Art Workshop IV, to find out what it is.

Thanks again to Colectivo T.A.N. 473 for providing these workshops!

Inauguración del Mural, La Historia de Guanajuato

On Sunday, June 9, Colectivo T.A.N. 473, child artists, and other community members joined to celebrate finishing the history of Guanajuato mural on the footpath Subida San Miguel that leads to the Pípila monument.  Seattle glass artist Paul Marioni offered a wall for the mural and provided paint and enthusiastic support throughout the project.

Sterling had gone surfing and the El Ejido family that took three children to paint the mural one Saturday had other plans, so that left Manuel and me walking alone down our side of the canyon and up the other to join the celebration.

It rained heavily earlier in the day, and so we took an umbrella and warm jackets, as it gets chilly here at 7,000 feet when clouds hide the sun.

Manuel painted the warrior

Manuel painted the warrior

img 6270

Dulce helped paint this face.

I took some photos of the finished mural on the way up.

Golden Basilica, White University of Guanajuato

Golden Basilica, White University of Guanajuato

El Pípila on the way to blast open the Alhondiga doors

El Pípila on the way to blast open the Alhondiga doors. Zeus from El Ejido painted the pig-faced man.

We arrived at the top just in time to hear Katie Clancy thanking the artists and community members who helped with the mural. Katie called Manuel forward for special recognition.

Aztec dancers celebrate Virgin de Guanajuato

Here in Mexico Catholic festivals often include Aztec dancers.  Today I happened onto these dancers celebrating the Virgin of Guanajuato.  Imagine the sound of drums, the shimmer of feathers, and the rattle of ayoyote seed ankle bands.

Aztec Dancer, 5/2013 Embajadores, Guanajuato

Aztec Dancers, May 19, 2013
Embajadores Park, Guanajuato

img 5936