An interlude with the trumpet

After first jazz solo

After first jazz solo

In 2006 or so when researching a trumpet playing character in Catch Me if I Fall, my novel still in progress, I asked Jason Petit a trumpeter then with the symphony here to talk with me about the trumpet. I ended up buying one and taking lessons from Jason, visiting trumpeters, and others when I traveled to the States. One May in Paris Antoine Curé selected one of his graduate students to give me private lessons at the Conservatoire National Supèrieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris. For 5 years I enjoyed playing the trumpet, in a jam session in Florence, on a street corner in Paris, with Jason at plazas in Guanajuato, with Jason’s group at a friend’s wedding party on our patio, and at my father’s 90th birthday party.

Any wonder I write in fits and starts?

1 thought on “An interlude with the trumpet

  1. Jenn

    Found your blog from your post about good eats in Guanajuato…Natura SMA reposted it. It made my day…Your great vibe just shines through…thanks!


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