Some local volunteer organizations

Click on their names to find out how to volunteer or make donations. Please let me know of other local volunteer organizations.

Amigos de los Animales, rescue of neglected or abandoned pets, low-cost sterilization clinics, teaching the proper care of pets. See my post Protecting Bulls, Rescuing Pets.

Brillantes Caminantes, a scholarship granting organization, which started as a chapter of San Miguel de Allende’s organization Jóvenes Adelante.

Buen Pastor provides a women’s shelter and foster care for girls.

Colectivo T.A.N. 473 provides art and self-esteem education for children and youth.

Las Libres works for the rights of women.

The Muskoka Foundation, Do good as you go, connects travelers to volunteer organizations. It supports volunteer programs here in Guanajuato and elsewhere in the world.

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