About me

I am Dianne Romain, a retired philosophy professor (CV) from Sonoma State University in Northern California. My partner of 30+ years writer and former German professor Sterling Bennett and I once lived in a charming, drafty, wooden farm house at the top of a ridge of grassy hills that winter rains turn emerald and the summer sun turns gold.  In those days we drove. A lot. Often in separate cars. And almost always listening to public radio or a book on tape.

We now live in a barrio, in a house of stuccoed brick on the corner of two footpaths, a 10 minute walk from the historic center of Guanajuato, a small colonial city smack in the center of Mexico. When a friend here came to our property for the first time, he said, “I admire your optimism.”  There are, you see,  203 stairs–the equivalent of a 10 story building–and various inclines between our house and the center of town.  We were not kids even then, fifteen years ago.  And yet we still walk those stairs and inclines at least once a day.  They keep us fit.  And they keep us connected with our neighbors who, like us, reach their homes a pie.*

*by foot

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Jack Odell

    Nice way to exercise! I use the stairs of my eleven storied condo and its hallways to do the same thing, but not as often. You appear to be living an interesting life, which does not surprise me.

    1. Dianne Romain Post author

      And it gets more interesting all the time! I gave a third accordion lesson to a neighbor last night, among other things teaching him the basics of how to read music in 4/4 time. Now I have to check a dictionary for the correct Spanish for musical terms, like “quarter note” and “tied note.” I hope to post on this one day and on the latest neighborhood art workshops for children. Have been occupied with other activities, September in France, October here with tickets to 19 concerts during Festival Cervantino, caring for a beautiful dying friend, Helen Woolf, piccolo player extraordinaire. Mentoring two Ph.D students (challenging as I read their work in Spanish). And taking up the accordion myself. Going to French conversation classes several times a week. In my spare time I work on my novel draft. Great to hear from you! Keep climbing those stairs!!!


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