Dianne Romain CV 2013

Dianne E. Romain, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus

Sonoma State University


Ph.D., Philosophy, University of California, Berkeley, 1980

M.A., Philosophy, University of California, Berkeley, 1970

A.B., Philosophy, University of Missouri, Kansas City, 1968

Private classes taken, 2004 – present

Fiction (Novel in progress), Language (Spanish, French), music (Piano, Trumpet)


Canterbury Christ Church University, Graduate School (2006 – 2008)

Local Mentor (Guanajuato) for Ph.D. students in Cultural Studies and Applied Linguistics

Sonoma State University:  (1981-82 and 1983-2004 ) Professor of Philosophy

Philosophy and Emotion, Philosophy and Feminism, Ethics and Health Care, Epistemology, Social and Political Philosophy, Great Thinkers, Ethics and Value Theory, Philosophy of Language,  Philosophy of Law, Critical Thinking, Introduction to Philosophy.

M.A. Committees:  Julie Thompson, English; Karen Fitzgerald, English; Sachiko Kawara, Humanistic Psychology; Kim Norland, Humanistic Psychology


Centro Estatal de Readaptacion Social, Puentecillas, GTO (Winter, 2003; Fall, 2002, and Summer, 2001) Philosophies of Love and Compassion, Introduction to Philosophy, Yoga

Elderhostel, Sonoma State University:  (Summer, 1986)

Love and the Good Life.


University of California, San Diego:  (1982-83)

Philosophical Psychology, Ethics and Sex Roles, Philosophy

of Mind, Philosophy of Law, Epistemology.

Mills College, Oakland:  (1977, 1982, 1983)

Philosophy of Mind, Language, Mind and Communication, History

of Ancient Philosophy, Philosophy in Literature, Skepticism

and Perception.


A year in Guanajuato, Guanajuato, Mexico, volunteer teaching, studying Spanish and house construction, and translating a novel, 2002-2003

A year in Erongarícuaro, Michoacán, Mexico, studying Spanish and writing fiction, 1997-1998








Thinking Things Through: Critical Thinking for Decisions You Can Live With  (Mountain View, CA: Mayfield Publishing Company 1997)

The American Philosophical Association Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy 95:2, Co-edited with Hilde Hein, Spring, 1996.

“Care and Confusion” in Eve Browning Cole and Susan Coultrap-McQuin, eds., Explorations in Feminist Ethics:  Theory and Practice (Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press 1992) 27-37.

“Feminist Reflections on Humans and Other Domestic Animals” in Between the Species, 6:4 (Fall, 90): 213-218.

Review of Trudy Govier’s book Selected Issues in Logic and Communication in Canadian Philosophical Reviews IX: 12 (Dec. 1989): 480-483.

“Caring Others:  The Maintenance of the Self” in Judith Genova, ed., Power, Gender, Value, (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: Academic Printing & Publishing 1987) 163-171.


“Defending Common Sense:  The Epistemology of G.E. Moore,” University of California at Berkeley, 1980.

Talks at Professional Meetings and Conferences:

“After the Shift: a Study of Anarchism,” Society  for Women  in Philosophy, UCLA, May, 2002.

“Imagining Peace,” Society for Women in Philosophy, San Jose State University, October, 2001.

“Explorations of Privilege,” Philosophy Department Colloquium, Sacramento State University, February, 2000.

“Questioning Emotion: The Heart of Choice,” “Hot Topics Series: Passion vs. Reason” (with Linda Elder), and “Hot Topics Series: Feminism and Critical Thinking” (with Ralph H. Johnson), The 16th International Conference on Critical Thinking & Educational Reform, Sponsored by the Center for Critical Thinking and Moral Critique, Sonoma State University, Summer, 1996; various presentations at the SSU Center for Critical Thinking Conference, 1983, 1984,1985, 1986, 1987, 1991, and 1992.

“Critical Thinking and Feminism” (with others on a panel), Group Meeting of the Society for Women in Philosophy at the American Philosophical Association Pacific Division Meetings, Spring 1996.

“Feminism, Critical Thinking, and Emotion,” Fall Conference, Society for Women in Philosophy, Pacific Division, Fall, 1995.

“Intellectual Harassment of Feminist Philosophers,” Fall Conference, Society for Women in Philosophy, Pacific Division, Fall, 1992.

“Critical Thinking for Meaningful Action,” Society for Women in Philosophy, Fall, 1991.

“Relationships with Animals: Feminist Reflections,” Annual Rights and our Human Relationship to the Biosphere Conference at San Francisco State University, 1990.

“Feminist Reflections on Humans and Other Domestic Animals,” Society for the Study of Ethics and Animals, Eastern Division APA Meetings, 1989.

“Good Lives:  A Feminist Perspective,” Society for Women in Philosophy, 1989.

“Care and Confusion,” Feminist Ethics Conference in Duluth, MN, and Society for Women in Philosophy meetings in Los Angeles, 1988.

“What is Critical about Critical Thinking?” American Association of Philosophy Teachers, Pacific Division Meeting of American Philosophical Association, 1988.

“G.E. Moore is not a Positivist,” G.E. Moore Society, at Pacific Division Meeting of APA, 1988.

“Morality and Critical Thinking:  Some Reflections on Writing a Critical Thinking Text,” Society for Women in Philosophy, Fall Meeting, 1987.

“A Comment on ‘Toward a Code of Ethics for Pre-School Teachers,'” Pacific Division Meetings, American Philosophical Association, 1987.

“Caring Others:  The Maintenance of the Self,” International Association of Philosophy and Literature meetings, 1986.

“Learning about Love from Celie and Shug:  an Alternative to Plato’s Symposium,” Society for Women in Philosophy, Fall Meeting, 1985.

“”Love and Reason,” Society for Women in Philosophy Spring Meeting, 1982.

“A Comment on Skepticism,” APA Pacific Division Meeting, 1982.

Sessions Chaired and/or Planned

Chair, Special Memorial Session: Mary Anne Warren, APA Pacific Division Meetings, Seattle, April 5, 2012.

Program co-chair and host of a one-day conference of the Society for Women in Philosophy, held at Sonoma State University, Fall, 1998.

Session planner and chair of the following sessions at the American Philosophical Association Pacific Division Meetings. These sessions were co-sponsored by the Committee on the Status of Women in Philosophy,  the Committee on the Status of Blacks in Philosophy, and the Committee on the Status of Hispanics in Philosophy.

“Symposium: Sex, Gender, Race, and History,” 1995

“Philosophic Patterns for Pluralisms—Beyond Local Considerations: Community, Curriculum, and Program; Context and Individuals,” 1994

“Symposium: Opening the Philosophy Canon,” 1993

Program chair and host of a two day conference of the Society for Women in Philosophy, held at Sonoma State University, Fall, 1992.

Chair, “Feminism and Wittgenstein,” American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division   Meetings, 1991.

Chair and planner for “Autonomy and the Body,” a session of the Society for Women in Philosophy held in conjunction with the American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division Meetings, 1991.

Program chair and host of a two day conference of the Society for Women in Philosophy, held at my home, Fall, 1988, and Fall, 1990.


University Lectures

“Philosophers and Hospitals:  Theory and Practice,” The Center for Values and Social Policy, University of Colorado, Boulder, 1986.

“In Honor of Love,” Philosophy Department Colloquium, University of California at San Diego, 1983.

“G.E. Moore and Common Sense,” Philosophy Department Colloquium, University of Oregon, 1978.

Twenty nine guest lectures in classes, for reentry students, or as a part of Womens History Month, SSU, 1982-1996

Awards, Honors, and Continuing Education

Participant, 3 4-Day Fiction Writing Workshops, Erongaricuaro, Michoacan, Mexico, September and November, 1997, and April, 1998.

Intensive study of Spanish in Patzcuaro and Guanajuato, Mexico, 1997-98.

“Nominated” by Freshmen to serve on an Educational Mentoring Team, Fall, 1995.Member,

Committee on the Status of Women in Philosophy, American Philosophical Association, 1992-1995.

Instructional Skills Workshop, Sonoma State University, April, 1992.

Exxon Fellow, Center for Ethics, Baylor College of Medicine, June, 1986

Affirmative Action Faculty Development Program, Spring, 1991.

Ralph W. Church Scholarship, University of California, Berkeley, 1971.

Dean’s List and Academic Tuition Scholarship, University of Missouri, Kansas City, 1964-68.


Service to Philosophy Department

Curriculum Committee, 2001-2002Lecturer Hiring Committee, 1998-2002

Advisor, Philosophy Majors Club, l989 to 1997

Faculty Sponsor, Anita Sly, Sally Casanova Scholar, 1996-97.

Chair, Philosophy Department, 1993-1997.

Chair, Philosophy Department Search Committee, two tenure track searches, 1994-95.

Chair, Philip Temko’s Retirement Celebration Committee, Spring 1994.

Service to Other Departments

Psychology, Peer Review of Art Warmoth, Fall, 1998.

AMCS, Peer Review of Linda Waggoner, Fall, 1996.

Gender Studies Faculty Committee, 1995-present.

WOMS RTP Committee for Cindy Stearns (including peer review), Chair, 1995; Member 1996.

Women’s Studies Advisory Committee, 1985-1995.

AMCS RTP Committee for Niambi Webster (including peer review),  Chair, 1993.

Service to the School of Arts and Humanities

Member, Arts & Humanities RTP Committee, 1998 to 2001.

Chair, Arts & Humanities Curriculum Committee, Fall 1994-97.



Service to University

Member, University RTP Committee, 2001-02 and 2003-04.

Member, Academic Senate, 1986-89, 1990-1995 (except Spring 1994), 1996-97 and Fall 98.

Member, Student Commencement Speaker Committee, Spring, 1997

Group Facilitator and Spokesperson, Faculty Retreat, Fall, 1996

School Marshall, Commencement ceremony, 1995.

Facilitator, Ad Hoc Committee on General Education, Fall, 1993.

War and Peace Course Planning Committee, 1985-1990.

Santa Rosa Junior College/Sonoma State University Connections,” 1986, 1987, 1991, 1993.

Faculty Retreat Committee, 1985-86.

Cross Cultural/Multi-Cultural Workshop Planning Committee, API Grant, 1984-85.


Professional Service

Program Committee, Fall Conference of the Pacific Division of the Society for Women in Philosophy, 2001.

Treasurer, Society for Women in Philosophy, Pacific Division, 1989-1995.

Reviewer for Hypatia, 1994.

Public Service and Service to the Community

Tresorera, Comité de Vecinos de Cjón del Ejido 2013

Planned community meetings, organized art workshops for children.

Founder, Reading Writers, Guanajuato.


Jack London Awards, 1991, 1993,  1996, 2002.

Political Action

Leafleting in opposition to Prop 209, Fall, 1996.

Hosted neighborhood gathering and attended public hearing regarding radio tower conflict.

Leafleting in support of Prop 186, Fall, 1994.

Host for House Concerts

In Guanajuato: Ana Cervantes, piano;,Jason Petttit, trumpet; various chamber groups

In California:

Barbara Shearer, Pianist, October 1998

Allen Shearer, baritone, and Barbara Shearer and Li-Wen Kuo Monk, piano four-hands, October 1994

Barbara Schearer, Pianist, March, 1993

Li-Wen Kuo, Pianist, June, 1992

Opinion Piece

“Feminist Phantoms” The Press Democrat, Santa Rosa, CA, February 26, 1991.


Various public readings of fiction, 1984 to present

Registration Volunteer, Conference on Virginia Woolf, June, 2002.

Various public lectures on love, ethics, peace, 1982-88.

Various Faculty Development Workshops on Critical Thinking for Grade School through University Teachers,  1985-88.

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