Welcome to Writing in Fits and Starts

I’ll be posting reports of activities to recreate community after a brick fight among youth erupted spring, 2012, in our once peaceful barrio El Ejido.

I’ll also post about writing and playing music. I’ll post some poetry (with Spanish and/or French translations), some fiction, and some philosophy. I’ll post about sights, sounds, and tastes I enjoy in Guanajuato.

Some weeks I’ll post a little, some weeks a lot, some weeks not at all. I’ll be posting in fits and starts.

If you have a question, an insight, or a word of encouragement, please leave a reply. If you want notices of my latest postings, click on the “follow” button.

Thanks for visiting!

Dianne Romain

PS I love this Dalai Lama quip: If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.