Welcome to Writing in Fits and Starts

Please visit my new author’s website.  You’ll learn about my novel Catch Me if I Fall, and you’ll find my new blog, Literary Guanajuato, directed toward readers and writers in Guanajuato and to others who would like to know more about Guanajuato.

As for this blog, Writing in Fits and Starts, I have posted reports of activities to recreate community after a brick fight among youth erupted spring, 2012, in our once peaceful barrio El Ejido.

I also posted about writing and playing music. I posted some poetry (with Spanish and/or French translations), some fiction, and some philosophy. I’ve posted about sights, sounds, and tastes I enjoy in Guanajuato.

Some weeks I’ll post a little, some weeks a lot, some weeks not at all. I’ll be posting in fits and starts.

If you have a question, an insight, or a word of encouragement, please leave a reply. If you want notices of my latest postings, click on the “follow” button.

Thanks for visiting!

Dianne Romain

PS I love this Dalai Lama quip: If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.