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Andrea Parra’s Art Workshop IV, June 29, 2013


Man sees egg, paints bird. Why?

While showing slides of surrealist paintings Andrea posed questions about the images.





A city of the real and imaginary

A city of the real and imaginary

A surreal ride through Guanajuato

A surreal ride through Guanajuato

The young artists cut images from magazines, postcards from France, and brochures of Guanajuato to make surrealist collages.

Katie studies Manuel's surrealist collage

Katie views Manuel’s collage: The President of Mexico pushed into Dante’s Inferno.

Andrea’s farewell

Andrea's farewell letter

img 6415

While young artists made collages, Andrea wrote a farewell letter summing up her four workshops.

The Surprise

At the end of the workshop Kate Clancy told the young artists the surprise: an exhibition of their art.  To prepare, the children will gather Saturday July 6 for a work party to polish their works of art.  Katie will guide the finishing touches. Painter and collage maker Dylan Williams (who taught the first workshop in this series) will come by to measure for mating and framing.

Date and place of the exhibit: TBA.

Thanks again to Dylan Williams and Colectivo T.A.N. 473 for providing these workshops!