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Protecting Bulls, Rescuing Pets

Activists United for Animals

Protesting the cruelty of bullfighting

ACUPA says the worst human cruelty is
making a party of pain

ACULPA flyer

ACULPA flyer

When youth demonstrating against bullfighting saw me taking a photo of them at the Plaza de la Paz, they invited me over and gave me an ACUPA flyer. Friend Activistas Unidos por los Animales on Facebook.

Friends of Animals

Seeing ACUPA demonstrators reminded me of Guanajuato’s Amigos de los Animales. They rescue abandoned or mal-treated animals, provide low-cost sterilization clinics, and teach the proper care of pets.

Buy a print like this to help animals.

Buy a print like this to help animals.

One lovely way to contribute to Amigos: purchase postcards, prints, or calendars of rescued animals. El Viejo Zaguán, Positos 64.

For more info about Amigos, click here.