Inauguración del Mural, La Historia de Guanajuato

On Sunday, June 9, Colectivo T.A.N. 473, child artists, and other community members joined to celebrate finishing the history of Guanajuato mural on the footpath Subida San Miguel that leads to the Pípila monument.  Seattle glass artist Paul Marioni offered a wall for the mural and provided paint and enthusiastic support throughout the project.

Sterling had gone surfing and the El Ejido family that took three children to paint the mural one Saturday had other plans, so that left Manuel and me walking alone down our side of the canyon and up the other to join the celebration.

It rained heavily earlier in the day, and so we took an umbrella and warm jackets, as it gets chilly here at 7,000 feet when clouds hide the sun.

Manuel painted the warrior

Manuel painted the warrior

img 6270

Dulce helped paint this face.

I took some photos of the finished mural on the way up.

Golden Basilica, White University of Guanajuato

Golden Basilica, White University of Guanajuato

El Pípila on the way to blast open the Alhondiga doors

El Pípila on the way to blast open the Alhondiga doors. Zeus from El Ejido painted the pig-faced man.

We arrived at the top just in time to hear Katie Clancy thanking the artists and community members who helped with the mural. Katie called Manuel forward for special recognition.

Protecting Bulls, Rescuing Pets

Activists United for Animals

Protesting the cruelty of bullfighting

ACUPA says the worst human cruelty is
making a party of pain

ACULPA flyer

ACULPA flyer

When youth demonstrating against bullfighting saw me taking a photo of them at the Plaza de la Paz, they invited me over and gave me an ACUPA flyer. Friend Activistas Unidos por los Animales on Facebook.

Friends of Animals

Seeing ACUPA demonstrators reminded me of Guanajuato’s Amigos de los Animales. They rescue abandoned or mal-treated animals, provide low-cost sterilization clinics, and teach the proper care of pets.

Buy a print like this to help animals.

Buy a print like this to help animals.

One lovely way to contribute to Amigos: purchase postcards, prints, or calendars of rescued animals. El Viejo Zaguán, Positos 64.

For more info about Amigos, click here.

Andrea Parra’s art workshop I

June 1, 2013
Colectivo T.A.N. 473 volunteer Andrea Parra taught concepts of art and self knowledge with activities and slides. Summer volunteer Monica Reuman took photos. For more information about Colectivo T.A.N. 473 follow their blog or friend them on facebook.